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​Rather than only offering carpet cleaning in West Hartford, we provide a complete range of service options for your home. From wall-to-wall carpet to separate carpeted flooring areas, our cleaning services offer everything you need to make your home look fresh & clean again. Get started with our cleaning services today!

Carpet Cleaning

Using the same powerful cleaners and machines that we use to clean your carpets, we give any area rug the best clean possible each time. And if you have antique area rugs, they are safely steam cleaned as well, all without using harsh bleaching cleaners that will discolor or stain them.
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Upholstery Cleaning

Our machines remove even the most stubborn stains and odors, giving your rooms a look and feel that will make you feel pride. We offer sofa cleaning, couch cleaning, chair cleaning, mattress cleaning, and much more. Give our professional upholstery cleaning services a try today!
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Area Rug Cleaning

Many companies think that cleaning area rugs are a waste of time, but if it’s in your home, then it’s important to us. Using the same powerful cleaners and machines that we use to clean your carpets, we give any area rug the best clean possible each time, including oriental, synthetic, and more.
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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Older tile could be mopped repeatedly and still not achieve the level of clean or shine you wish to achieve. However, with a strong, safe and sanitizing steam clean, the heated vapors penetrate the pores of the tile and releases stains from the grout between them leaving you with dramatically fresh and clean tiles and grout.
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Water Damage & Restoration

We’ll be able to remove more water stains than anyone else and remove more moisture from carpeted surfaces than any other water damage restoration company in West Hartford. For the best water damage restoration without paying high dedicated service fees, just get in touch with our friendly customer service representatives.
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Wood Floor Refinishing

No matter what type of flooring you may have, our team will be able to restore its original sheen and clean it better than only sweeping and mopping can. You can depend on West Hartford Carpet Cleaners to deliver an end result that looks better than new with our floor cleaning and restoration service in West Hartford, CT!
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Tile & Grout Cleaning
Water Damage Restoration
Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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The most professional and affordable carpet cleaning in West Hartford CT! When you receive services from our qualified technicians, you're guaranteed the best carpet care in Connecticut!

The Best Local Carpet Cleaners

Other local carpet cleaning services insist on using green carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. While these mild cleaners are great for carpet up keeping needs, they are generally too mild to be effective. Instead, we use only professional quality cleaners from NCL, which are among the safest products for your family, including your pets. We concentrate on cleaning your carpeted surfaces thoroughly but safely, without toxic fumes lingering for several days following the service. Our process begins with a powerful pre-spray which balances the alkalinity of your carpets and makes for a deeper penetrating clean. We prepare your home with Flex Powder with Citrus Solv, which is applied using top of the line injection sprayers, pump sprayers, or electric sprayers depending on the job. This pre-spray application will restore worn, faded carpets to a level of clean they haven’t seen in years by dissolving away tough stains, grease spots, and oil in just a matter of minutes.
wood floor cleaning done in southington CT

Now Offering Wood Floor Refinishing in West Hartford, CT

Carpets are not the only surfaces requiring love and attention. Your hardwood floors are ready for revamping. Frequently, we find that homeowners will allow their flooring to grow scratched from wear and tear or pets, or often, it can appear dull over time. When you receive our specialty wood floor refinishing and restoration, your hardwood floors with be brought back to life! West Hartford Carpet Cleaners adds the shine back into your floors and restores them to their previous glory. Our process for refinishing acts like a seal or top coat on your floor in order to help you maintain them and prevent further dulling from spills and breakdown underfoot.

Get started with wood floor refinishing in your area of Hartford and work with the most experienced technicians in the business. 

Carpet Cleaning Near and Far Throughout CT

Looking for expert carpet cleaning in West Hartford CT? With a 30-mile radius (depending of course on the size of job), we are able to extend our service area throughout the Greater Hartford Area, including Hartford, Bloomfield, Wethersfield, Newington and Windsor. Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning in Hartford here. Just one town over, we are happy to serve Farmington, CT with any and all carpet cleaning needs. This of course includes area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, title and grout cleaning, pet odor removal, water damage restoration, wood floor cleaning and window washing. Learn more about our Carpet Cleaning in areas throughout Connecticut!
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Service-Oriented to Our West Hartford Residents

For over 15 years, West Hartford Carpet Cleaners has been locally, family owned and operated, fully licensed, insured and certified in every area of our trade. Quality carpet steam cleaning is one of the simplest ways to protect your home’s flooring, as well as keeping your family safe from dust, dirt, and allergens. And while there may be many options available in home carpet cleaning solutions, only one offers the best service in West Hartford, CT. By providing more local area homes with top quality carpet, rug, upholstery and tile and grout cleaning services, we make more homes and offices look great for less. Rather than focus on offering gimmicks, tricks, or specials that don’t offer much, we employ multiple techniques, cleaning solutions, and equipment to give you the best results each time. By being different from the other companies, we offer better, faster service for lower rates.

Proud Partners with Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning!

West Hartford Carpet Cleaners is partnered up with Ameri-Best Carpet Cleaning to deliver outstanding carpet cleaning services in West Hartford and beyond. So if you see an Ameri-Best truck roll up to your home or office, or get a call back from our 860-673-2033 number there's no need to worry. We're in business together! We've partnered with AmeriBest because of all the carpet cleaning companies in the area, we've found that their cleaning technicians are the most passionate, knowledgable workers.

Don't wait to get started with carpet cleaning services in West Hartford today! Your carpet can harbor harmful bacteria and mold you didn't know was hiding there. Ameri-Best & West Hartford Carpet Cleaners is there for you in order to keep you and your family safe!
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