Residential Power Washing Services Near West Hartford CT
Professional Pressure Washing  ​For Your Home

Professional Pressure Washing
​For Your Home

Power washing, West Hartford, CT can be just what the exterior of your home needs, to remove mold and mildew from wood decks and patio pavers, to wash away algae from the roof, and to get rid of storm buildup from window exteriors.

While a homeowner can buy or rent a pressure washer and try to manage this work on their own, it’s usually recommended that they leave this job to a professional power washing services company instead. This will ensure the job gets done right, leaving you with a spotless home exterior that looks its best and that is protected from power washing damage.

Professional pressure washing services avoids damaging your home

When you pressure wash a house, do you know how much pressure is too much? This is important, as the wrong amount of pressure from a power washer can crack stone patio pavers and brick chimneys, bend aluminum siding, or even shatter a window!

Homeowners often assume that they can avoid all this damage by simply using the lowest setting on the washer itself, but a nozzle that produces a thick spray of water, and not moving the wand properly during your cleaning, can be all that’s needed to damage your home’s exterior and outside patio or deck. To avoid this risk, leave this work to an experienced pressure washing services company rather than trying to manage this job on your own
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Power washing a deck is trickier than you realize

A wood deck should be cleaned regularly, to remove mold and mildew and to wash away ground-in dirt and mud before these can discolor the wood’s surface. However, as with other power washing services, using too much pressure on a wood deck can result in splinters and cracks in its surface.

It’s also good to leave power washing, West Hartford, CT, to a professional because he or she will know the right cleaning solutions to use for a deck, and will ensure that cleanser is thoroughly rinsed away. Leaving behind any residue of detergent after power washing a deck can dry the wood, causing it to shrink, cup, or bow. This residue can also be very sticky, so that dirt and debris clings to the deck, making it look dirtier than before it was washed!
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Power washing a deck is trickier than you realize

To properly pressure wash a house, it takes some knowhow

Pressure washing a home’s exterior may look simple, but this work actually involves some skill and knowhow. Improper techniques can leave behind streaks or water marks, splatter areas you just cleaned, or allow a detergent to dry before it can be rinsed, so that the job takes far longer than it should.

The best power washing near the Hartford CT area

Professional power washing, West Hartford, CT, is more affordable than you may realize, and it can mean protecting your home’s deck, siding, roof, and chimney from damage caused by caked-on dust, dirt, and mud, as well as from growing mold and mildew. Professional power washing services can improve your home’s overall curb appeal, and may even increase your property values! If you know your home’s exterior needs a proper power washing, call or contact us today for the quick and affordable cleaning your home needs.

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I only have one main large carpet in the living room, but on year 5 in my apt I realized it was time to give it a legitimate cleaning. It looked amazing after West Hartford Carpet Cleaners were done. Like new! These guys were fast, professional and really kept my best interests in mind. I highly recommend them!

Susanne Bahnan Avatar Susanne Bahnan

Excellent service and workers. Highly recommended this.

Bhavini Mistri Avatar Bhavini Mistri

What a great experience I had with him, he was so knowledgeable about carpets and the care for them. He took the time to come give me a free quote, his price was great, he was there on time and finished the job quickly. I would highly recommend them.

Pamela Martin Avatar Pamela Martin

After I received carpet cleaning services, my rugs looked like brand new again! Excellent quality service at a price that can't be beat. Thanks West Hartford Carpet Cleaners :)

Sarah Zimmerman Avatar Sarah Zimmerman

Fast, efficient and cost effective. Best in the area hands down.

Trevor Eddy Avatar Trevor Eddy

They came in on time, have all the necessary equipment and did a great job. I am very satisfied.

Myriam Villamil Avatar Myriam Villamil
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