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Powerful Soft Wash Services to Clean and Protect Your Property

Powerful Soft Wash Services to Clean and Protect Your Property

Regular, professional “Soft Wash” pressure washing from Ann Arbor Pressure Washing Pros will ensure that a house or commercial building is clean and protected from damage caused by dust, dirt, silt, grit and corrosive chemicals. A thorough roof cleaning will remove algae, mold, moss, and mildew, protecting your home or business from potential roof leaks and resultant water damage. Soft washing windows, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots will also keep those surfaces looking their best while protecting them from damage and wear. If you haven’t experienced soft washing before, prepare to be impressed. It’s more effective and faster than the standard high-pressure washing you’d typically find.
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Carpet Cleaning

At West Hartford Carpet Cleaners, we offer quality and affordable residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. Our team of experts use high-powered, truck-mounted equipment to steam clean and sanitize your carpet to look like new again. We remove even the toughest stains from your family or business’s carpet with our specialized hot water extraction cleaning system (also known as steam cleaning). When compared to our competitors, there’s no competition. Our customers rave that we provide the best carpet cleaning in the West Hartford area. To ensure your carpets remain beautiful and looking like new, we recommend you receive our professional carpet cleaning services every six months.
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Area Rug Cleaning

​Our professional cleaning company offers area rug cleaning services to safely bring your most treasured antique or oriental area rugs back to life. Rug cleaning can be a tricky task due to the intricate delicacy of many fabrics. However, we safely and effectively clean all types of area rugs, including wool, flat weave, pile, or hand woven oriental and persian rugs. We use a specialized steam cleaning system that safely cleans without using harsh chemicals, which can stain or discolor your area rugs. Our superior area rug and carpet cleaning services will allow you to extend the life of your area rugs for many years to come.
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Tile & Grout Cleaning

​Regular cleaning, such as mopping and sweeping, does not deliver the deep clean that your tile floors truly need. Basic floor cleaning does not clean within the pores of your tile and grout. Let our West Hartford tile and grout cleaning company do the hard work by providing you with local, professional tile and grout cleaning services as well as peace of mind. We have been providing professional tile floor cleaning services to our clients in the Hartford, CT area for years with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our tile and grout cleaning company will never let you down because our floor cleaning is the best in town!
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Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

The furniture in your home receives a lot of love but, often gets overlooked in the cleaning process. Our West Hartford upholstery cleaning company knows how to get even the toughest of stains out, whether it’s a plush sectional or a favorite old armchair. We have truck-mounted cleaning equipment that uses a high-powered, hot water and steam extraction system to remain tough on stains but, gentle on all fabrics. Our customers are always satisfied when they take advantage of our affordable upholstery and furniture cleaning services to revamp their home in the Hartford and West Hartford, CT area. At WHCC’s, we serve our customers by helping you keep your upholstery and furniture looking as clean as the day you bought it.
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Pet Stain & Odor Removal

​We all love our pets, but what we don’t love is their pet odor and stains. When your pet has numerous accidents on carpets, it becomes difficult to keep your home smelling clean. Sometimes the store bought solutions just don’t cut it and you realize it’s time to call a professional for your pet stain and odor removal. At West Hartford Carpet Cleaners, we know how to get your toughest pet stains and odor out. Our customers call us the best carpet stain removers in the Hartford and West Hartford, CT area. Let us help you with all your pet stain and odor removal needs!
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